Have a look at my released projects, the ones that are currently in the works and some which might never be released.



Tropical Leaves
I've been composing on our family piano since I was 12 years old.
Since then I've tried out a lot of different genres.
Tropical Leaves
I began writing lyrics at the age of 16.
I've learned to appreciate the precision of good lyrics and the power each word has.
Tropical Leaves
At 16 I also started with rap, then later tried out singing and became more confident with that each day.
Tropical Leaves
First I learned how to play drums, my Dad tought me that.
Then with 12 I learned how to play the piano and one year ago I started playing the guitar.
I never took lessons.
Tropical Leaves
At the Abbey Road Institute I set up whole sessions for bands and orchstral musicians.
I know my way around the popular DAWs and some other ones too.
Tropical Leaves
One of the main focuses of my education was sound engineering, so naturally I learned a lot in that field. I learned from people like the engineer of Stevie Wonder.
Tropical Leaves
This is probably my weakest skill as I only learned how to master for a short time and never had the proper equipment.
Still I have managed to make my releases sound radio ready.
Tropical Leaves
During my time at the Abbey Road Institute I gave instructions to musicians, bands and recording artists regarding the production value of the projects.


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